Illustration and Concept Art, Algonquin College, 2015

Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Ottawa, 2014



Ornate Activate, Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum, Milwaukee, WI, 2017

There's Room, Gallery 101, Ottawa, ON, 2016

Ornate Activate, Shirin Gallery, New York, NY, 2015

Birds of a Feather, The Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery, GCTC, Ottawa, On, 2015

6 Artists No.5 Will Blow Your Mind, Bypass, Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, ON, 2014 

The Black and White Show, Cube Gallery, Ottawa, ON, 2014

Mapping Ottawa (Cartographic Instances), Blink Gallery, Ottawa, ON, 2014

The Burden of Self Awareness, The Lorraine Fritzi Yale Gallery, GCTC, Ottawa, ON, 2014

China Town Remixed, China Town, Ottawa, ON, 2014

Preface, 100 Laurier, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, ON, 2014

Nature of Culture, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON, 2014

RE: NCY, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON, 2014

125 Years, Paradigm[e] Gallery, Ottawa, ON, 2013

Composition, Center for Academic Leadership, Ottawa, ON, 2013

Expressions of Muslim Women, Centerpoint Studio Theatre, Ottawa, ON, 2013

Jaquline Fry Show, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON, 2013

Spectra, SUPERNOVA!, Nuit Blanche, Ottawa, ON, 2013

Mapping The Art School, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON, 2013

Photographic Herbarium, Social Sciences Building, Ottawa, ON, 2012

Pouplay, Gallery 115, Ottawa, ON, 2011

Freshly Cut, 100 Laurier, Ottawa, ON, 2010



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University of Ottawa 

Private collections, Ottawa, ON

Private collections, Montreal, ON

Private collections, Los Angeles, CA, USA



Suzanne Rivard-Le Moyne Award First Prize 2014

Jaquiline Fry Scholarship honourable mention 2013

Ineke Harmina Standish award 2013



Catalogue Committee head, and designer, Preface 2014

President Visual Arts Student Association 2014